The project will be developed in the geographical area covering the entire range of the breeding population of black vulture in Castile and Leon, areas of possible recolonization by the species, and important feeding areas for black vultures and other species of carrion eating birds like kites and the Egyptian vulture. All direct conservation actions take place within the Natura 2000 network, in 26 Special Protection Areas for birds ZEPA, in the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila, Valladolid, Segovia, Burgos and Soria.

The foraging habitat of the target species in Castile and Leon essentially corresponds to mountain areas of the Central System, including the main breeding populations of these species and flatter extensive agricultural areas to the north of this mountain, which constitute the main foraging and feeding areas for species such as black vulture and wintering populations of red kite.

The 26 ZEPA areas included in Life add up to 784.000ha.


ES0000203 Barahona Highs 42898,6527
ES0000189 Countryside Azálvaro-Pinewoods in Peguerinos 28373,8043
ES0000218 Countryside Argañán 17303,9713
ES0000202 Countryside Azaba 36495,8604
ES0000359 Countryside Alba 15443,3827
ES4150006 Candelario 7067,0552
ES0000007 Río Lobos Canyon 10201,9524
ES0000185 Guisando Hill 3655,0194
ES0000361 Grasslands in Ríos Gamo y Margañan 7545,1204
ES4110086 Holm Oaks in Sierra de Ávila 9495,9399
ES0000190 Holm Oaks in Ríos Adaja y Voltoya 27047,9344
ES0000115 Río Duratón Gorges 4954,1685
ES4160008 Río Riaza Gorges 6539,6809
ES0000362 La Nava-Rueda 7167,0291
ES4160048 Lagunes at Cantalejo 12302,4585
ES4150005 Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia 30182,9070
ES0000186 Pinares del Bajo Alberche 50258,7843
ES4150039 Quilamas 10263,0214
ES0000219 Río Alagón 2147,1209
ES4120031 Sabinares del Arlanza 37404,0595
ES4110002 Sierra de Gredos 86397,0362
ES0000010 Sierra de Guadarrama 69089,5602
ES0000204 Tierra de Campiñas 139444,5369
ES0000116 Iruelas Valley 8619,0677
ES0000184 Tiétar Valley 64377,0846
ES0000188 Voltoya & el Zorita Valleys 49374,5513