The actions will focus on improving the conservation status of the black vulture and the rest of the target species, by improving the conditions where food shall be available.

Briefly, the actions to developed are:

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  • Revision and drafting of conservation and recovery plans for scavenger species of interest to the European Community such as: (imperial eagle, red kite, black vulture and Egyptian vulture).
  • Development and implementation of feeding programs for necrophagous birds directly linked to extensive livestock farming, through agreements with farmers.
  • Creating a map within an experimental app to control availability of feeding resources.
  • Monitoring of wild species which are part of carrion eating birds’ diet.
  • Natural feeds; improving consumption to favour species such as the black vulture, Egyptian vulture and red kite.
  • Assessment and reviews of the feeding programs development, and its impact on each target species, measuring efficiency.
  • Evaluation of the ratio of success in reproduction numbers and population control of the black vulture and other target species.
  • Evaluation of results and the socio-economic impact of the project.
  • Information and dissemination campaigns aimed at schools, famers and the general public.
  • Website Development
  • Technical and scientific dissemination of the project’s results and the creation of a good practice manual regarding feeding of necrophagous birds.
  • Coordinating and liaising with other networks and projects.